We Support Live Music, You Should Too

Bended Karaoke

Karaoke ¬†finally on a night that YOU go out. In the Tavern every Saturday from 10pm. Hosted by “identical twins” Aaron MacDonald & Cameron Crow. So this is karaoke with a twist, a little bit edgy a little bit inappropriate a lot of fun!!!! Even if you are a bit crap… we want you!! Free to enter and great prizes.

Sunday Sessions

The Bended Elbows hosts the areas best Sunday Session featuring local & national musicians. Kicks off at 4:30pm with the day’s first act followed up by the second act at 8pm. It’s a great atmosphere with fantastic Cocktails & Cocktail Jugs on offer. The Bended Elbow Supports Live Music. You Should too.

Aimee Francis

  • 4:30 until 7:30

Back this Sunday by popular demand. Melbourne’s Aimee Francis with special guest Kyra Humphrey . Kicks off 4:30pm Then “On The Cusp” rock the rooftop from 8pm. It’s Live… It’s Free. Support Live Music.

On The Cusp


  • 8pm until 11pm

ON THE CUSP are Jacob Brucey Casey & Justin Duffy.. Together they will rock your world with a barrage of the very latest guitar based covers.. If you like to rock out.. This is for you!!!